Mother love

This was the story she told, anytime she thought I might be getting ‘serious’ with a girl, which was pretty much any girl I let her meet:

A young man gets married (usually to a shikseh, a non-Jewish girl), and immediately after the wedding, he promises his bride that he will deliver her heart’s desire.  “What would you like most in the world, my beloved?” he asks.

The bride smiles and replies, “I want your mother’s head on a silver platter.”  The young man gets a silver platter.  Then he gets an axe and sharpens it.  He beheads his mother, and as he runs to bring the gift to his new wife, he stumbles.

“Oh, be careful!” says the mother’s disembodied head.  “You might hurt yourself.”

It takes a special kind of mother to tell her son a story like that…


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