Stage Seven – Approach

Shortly after receiving Shaktipat himself, Dhyanyogi-ji was charged with a mission.  This mission was given to him in meditation by his Guru.  To return to the Star Wars comparison, I think of Obi-Wan coming to Luke in the fighter and telling him to “use the force”.

Dhyanyogi’s mission was to give Shaktipat to all who desired it and to disseminate yogic knowledge publicly.  Before the time of Dhyanyogi, this kind of initiation was given to a very few -- students who had prepared for it and studied for years.  Dhyanyogi-ji (along with a handful of other saints) made the decision to give Shaktipat to all seekers and let the Kundalini energy work with them as it willed.  He ran an Ashram in Hansol for some time, and then an Ashram in Bandhwad.  Many came, many were given the gift of Shaktipat.


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