Stage Six – Tests, Allies, Enemies

Dhyanyogi-ji had been tested throughout his thirty-year sadhana: tested by hunger, temptations of various kinds, the dangers of the jungle (This House IsOn Fire has a wonderful story of Dhyanyogi-ji’s meeting with a tiger).  As time went on in his life he was tested by illness, by the challenge of his teachings being misunderstood, by betrayal, but ever the true hero Dhyanyogi-ji always prevailed.

In most myths, the allies that come after the hero’s initiation are in most ways less than equal to the hero in valor or accomplishment, and it is no less true in Dhyanyogi-ji’s case.  His allies were his disciples.  Dhyanyogi-ji’s students in India sought him out, asked him for initiation, and studied at his feet.  What made them allies was their willingness to help him in performing his work, materially and spiritually.  His disciples came from every class, caste, and walk of life.  Like Lord Rama in the Ramayan, his friends were royalty, forest people, and everyone in between.
In his late eighties, he took on a disciple who would become his spiritual heir.  He gave her the name Asha Devi, and later the name Anandi Ma.  She and another advanced disciple, Dileepji Pathak, became his greatest allies.  They would marry and carry Dhyanyogi’s work to America.


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