Stage Four – Meeting the Mentor

Although he would learn and master many practices and techniques, Madhusudandas would not meet his true Guru for thirty years.  His true and final Mentor was Swami Parmeshwardasdji, whom he met while performing austerities on Mt. Abu.  Although they were only physically together for a short time, Parmeshwardasji would help Madhusudandas find the answer to his questions and set him on his true path for the rest of his life.  Parmeshwardasji gave Madhusudandas the gift of Shaktipat initiation, a transfer of spiritual energy from a self-realized being which awakens the Kundalini Shakti at the base of the spine. This, combined with his thirty-year sadhana (spiritual quest), brought him to immediate self-realization in an extended meditation.  As stated, Madhusudandas had already had initiated himself into manhood by leaving home at the Bar Mitzvah age of thirteen, he had been initiated into the transformation of Self of taking the vows of sannyas, but this final initiation and awakening was the true transformative experience of his life, answering his questions and introducing him to the Divine within himself.  “Dhyan” means meditation, and Parmeshwardasji gave him the name Dhyanyogi.
Dhyanyogi Madhusudandasji’s quest was only beginning.