Stage Three -- Refusal of the Call

Unlike most mythical heroes, Kashinath did not refuse the call.  He left home at the age of seven.  The refusal was thrust upon him by his family who quickly found him and brought him home, but he managed to leave for good at the age of thirteen.

Stage Five – Crossing the First Threshold

Kashinath’s leaving of home and family itself constitutes the crossing of the threshold.  Dhyanyogi-ji’s story is not the only one in which the hero crosses the first threshold before meeting the Mentor.  Although it can be argued that in Star Wars Mos Eisley is the first threshold location, the actual crossing is Luke Skywalker’s decision to leave home and follow the call before being taken as a student by either of his Mentors (Obi-Wan Kenobi or Yoda). 
If there is a second threshold, it would be the vows of the sannyasin (in which one completely gives up his old life and identity) which Kashinath took at the age of 27.  From then on, he would be known as Madhusudandas and was no longer tied to the person he once was.