Stage Eleven – The Resurrection Hero

Dhyanyogi-ji was a resurrection hero from his near-death experience on.  That was the experience that led him to America, to bring his teachings here.
One of the elements of this stage is the hero’s use of all he has learned:
I have always heard about Dhyanyogi-ji’s walking speed.  At 100 years old, no one could keep up with him.  This was confirmed to me by the son of a disciple who told me that Guruji (Dhyanyogi) had challenged him and his sister and brother to a race when they were small.  “We knew we could beat this old man, so we agreed.  We ran, he walked.  We weren’t even close.”
Dhyanyogi-ji had the ability to manipulate his heart rate and body temperature and often used this ability to demonstrate the power of life energy (prana) and skills that could be gained by meditation and practice.  He also used his ability for fun; he enjoyed teasing doctors with it.


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