The Last Morning


It's a Monday morning in September. You haven't been high all weekend because you've been at home with your wife and children, but you haven't been at home with your wife and children, you've been inside your head, wanting to stop, knowing you can't stop, trying to figure out where to get the money to get high on Monday.

You've also been thinking about how much money you owe, the debts you've run up, how you're into everyone at work, one for twenty, your boss for a hundred, someone else for thirty, and fifty, and what are you gonna do?

You're a little shaky as you get out of the shower and dress, but you're still thinking, that's all you do is think, but you realize that it's been two days since you last got high and maybe you can stop now. But how can you show up at work broke again, when you've promised to pay so many people back?

You need some cash if you're going to get clean, right?


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the scream

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