You're in New York City, 1988. The World Trade Center is still standing, Times Square is a squalid mess, David Dinkins is the Mayor, and the crack epidemic is at its height here in the city.

You have been smoking crack off and on for two years. For the past six months it has been much more on than off.

At first, it was simple and scary; made you feel so good you didn't touch it again for six months. Then you figured you'd just do it every six months. Then it was once a month. Then once a week. Now you can't go a day without and if you have to go without you can't stop thinking about it.

Somehow you've managed to keep people fooled. You still have a job, a wife and two little girls and you think nobody knows. You take long lunches. Your wife thinks you're working a lot of overtime. Maybe she thinks you're seeing someone on the side. You don't care what she thinks anymore... you just want another hit.

You have no choice. Click on the lighter to continue.