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What can Cary Steiner LLC do for You?

Cary Steiner LLC specializes in creative media services for business. We began as Cary Steiner Freelance Writing Services, but today we're much more!

  • Copywriting
  • Technical Writing
  • E-Brochures
  • Slideshow presentations
  • Presentation Skills Consulting

Copywriting and Technical Writing

Cary Steiner began writing corporate and financial press releases, designed to help increase the value of clients' stock. Later, he spent years in consumer marketing, developing presentations, press releases, new-product-introduction scripts, and marketing proposals.

He has also written effective sales-training material on prospecting, customer service, and telemarketing skills. He helped design and implement a marketing plan for a non-profit theater company, writing all of their press materials and fund-raising letters. If you need to have something written, from product label to catalog copy to training manual, Cary Steiner's your guy, and has been for some time.


In his other career as a Software Applications Training Specialist, Cary learned how to use multimedia and the World Wide Web to help clients get their message to market. 

In addition to creating media, Cary partners with some of the most brilliant and cutting-edge graphic and Web designers in the business to offer you creative media services which are second to none.

Presentation Skills Consulting

Cary Steiner LLC also provides a consulting service designed to help you give more professional presentations!
An actor/director with expertise in business presentation will give you a complete consultation including:

  • overcoming stage fright
  • dressing for success
  • developing your 'presentation persona'
  • avoiding the pitfalls
  • handling the Q&A

Contact us!

We've learned that the best time to evaluate any creative consultant and take a look at their work is before you need them, not when a project deadline is zooming toward you. It's important to feel comfortable about a service provider and their capabilities in advance, so when that project comes up, you'll know whom to call.

Why not e-mail us your questions today - cary@carysteiner.comWe'll also be glad to set up an informational meeting or conference call at your convenience.

Digital Stories

Experiments using truth in Digital Storytelling. What's the difference between truth and reality?

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